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First time mom of a very healthy and very plump baby girl. She is in the 90th percentile for her weight. She is reaping all of the benefits of her mom's healthy...


I cannot breastfeed my baby due to insufficient glandular tissue. She has been on donor milk since a couple of weeks from birth. I had a long term relationship ...


I've been pumping since the first days after giving birth. My son is almost 5 weeks old and I have pumped daily. I have about 300 ounces to sell locally. No dru...


I am a mother of 2 kids who are in need of breast milk. The first one is my sister’s daughter who I was left with after she flew abroad. The second one is my ow...


Hi, are you wondering where you can get healthy breast milk for your young one from? I could be in possession of what you need. I am a young mother who is also ...


CONTACT ME SOON. Selling my frozen milk at a discount. Healthy mom of two kids. I have been certified with my local milk bank and I have recent blood work. I do...


I am the mother of four. My children are healthy and my youngest is 25 months old. He is still breastfeeding. I have a large supply and I would love to see the ...

Excess milk frozen right after pumping. Non smoker, non drinker, no drugs, just PNV. milk bank certified. Able to sell in bulk if needed. Will not wet nurse. Ca...

$5 an ounce

My 3 month old daughter simply refused to latch on properly during the first few weeks after birth; because of that I decided to pump as much breast milk as I p...


Hello and thank you for considering me for your healthy breast milk needs. I have actually been selling my breast milk for 4 consecutive years after over supply...

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